We come to work every day because we love showing businesses how they can evolve to become more successful by solving people and culture challenges.

We’re inspired to partner with clients for the long term so that we get to truly understand their business and add genuine value. Often people don’t know what simple changes they can make to make their workplace great, they see HR as an administrative burden or maybe even the fun police. Trust us, we are neither of those things!

Individually, we are passionate business savvy experts with years of experience across human resources, industrial relations and senior management roles. Collectively, we’re a solutions focussed team with a diverse outlook and experience delivering impressive results across small, medium and corporate enterprises.

The real experts in any business are those who manage or own it, but they rarely leverage their people and culture to maximise performance or give themselves a competitive edge.

They do the bare minimum and when problems arise they’re distracted trying to put out fires. When that happens, their eyes aren’t on the ball, they aren’t growing and frankly, there’s nothing fun about feeling out of control with the pressure of a looming HR or IR disaster. That’s where we come in, to help prevent unpleasant surprises and get you ahead of the game.

Everyone’s heard the saying that ‘your people are your greatest asset’ but so many businesses don’t know what great looks like or how to implement it properly. Our mission at Davis Bibby & Co is to help businesses be better. We are constantly learning and discovering new ways to apply people and culture strategies for success. Today we provide pragmatic and actionable insights to our fantastic clients. We believe that all businesses should have access to the benefits of partnering with innovative, top shelf industrial relations and human resource management experts.

In partnering with Davis Bibby & Co, you’ll have access to our broad range of services and talent. We’ll work with you to effectively mitigate employment risks, ensure legal compliance and proactively identify opportunities to achieve your goals.

We’re passionate about supporting our clients so that they can get on with what they do best, driving their business’ success.