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Human Resources plays a leading role in developing a company’s strategy and employee experience.

In businesses of all sizes, a talented HR team can provide the right frameworks to engage your people so that they contribute their best efforts every day.

Everyone knows that HR is no longer just about payroll. However, many organisations aren’t aware of the substantial benefits that come with having business savvy, solutions focussed HR professionals partnering with you for the long term.

As you envision and grow the future, Davis Bibby & Co will show you how to build a fantastic company culture which reflects how important your people are to achieving success. This is particularly critical in small businesses where employees often perform cross-functional roles. In a smaller workforce, if just one person leaves, it can leave a huge gap to fill.

Having an effective HR and IR strategy has a favourable impact on cost and profitability which gives your business a competitive advantage. Davis Bibby & Co can share our insights in this space by developing workforce plans, negotiating competitive yet realistic wages as well as guidance on effective management of performance and industrial relations issues.

We’re committed to improving your business

We take the time to understand your business and your goals for the long term, because your success is our goal. Once we understand what you want to achieve, we get to work so that you can focus your time on taking your business to the next step.

Success stories from our partners

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with Ezra on a number of challenging enterprise agreement negotiations and a range of complex industrial relations issues. In each instance, Ezra demonstrated and applied his strong negotiation skills, pragmatic business perspective and strong commercial acumen to successfully address the challenges and opportunities facing the business.

Given his breadth of experience in negotiation, and operational management, Ezra has consistently demonstrated an ability to develop and implement industrial solutions that can enable organisations to achieve the best business outcomes.

Having worked with Ezra over a two year period on a major IR change strategy within a large corporate I was able to witness first hand his strengths and passion in these areas. He has an ability to grasp the outcomes desired at a strategic level and to synthesise a plan to deliver against those objectives. He has a particular strength in being able to communicate across all levels of the organisation and does not shy away from difficult conversations.

I would highly recommend his skills for an organisation who is seeking someone whose focus will deliver against your business’ vision.

Working with Davis Bibby & Co has been a refreshing change to your standard HR Consultancy firm.  With a “no BS” policy, Ezra and Alysha have fortified a partnership that radiates integrity, professionalism and knowledge which is acutely evident in the service Davis Bibby & Co provide.  Our own business has been built on old fashioned country values, Davis Bibby & Co have been able to tailor their approach to our business whilst implementing “best practice” solutions, keeping us abreast of industry standards and exceeding our expectations.

Their unique approach and outlook enables Davis Bibby & Co to deliver an innovative service and inject a lot of life into a somewhat demoralised space.

I have worked with Ezra on significant change initiatives that has involved complex industrial relations negotiations, organisational restructuring and implementation of cultural re-alignment for a large and diverse work group. Ezra demonstrated sound judgement, insightful strategic appreciation and was able to execute complex and challenging strategic initiatives that were instrumental in improving business performance.

Alysha has the ability to focus on the key details that underpin the efficient running of a business without losing sight of the long term strategic goals of the organisation. Her business acumen and great personality give her the ability to establish rapport quickly and deliver top results.